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Cyprus Feast

Turkey's innovative and continues to take steps to ensure that the brand with the power given by the Feast of the brave company. Since its establishment, Şölen, which has been advancing with the goal of becoming a global brand in the region and the world, has taken another step towards its goal with its distributorship in Cyprus. Having more than 200 product ranges from children's products to snacks, from catering products to gift products Cyprus Feast The distributorship of the products exported to more than 120 countries by the company meets the consumers in Cyprus.

Turns Life into a Feast

The brand, which colors and sweetens special days, holidays and every moment of the day with its different products, works to turn the life of the consumer into a feast. Cyprus Şölen, the exciting partner of the brand that adapts to dynamism, innovation and motivation, started to serve Cypriots in accordance with the corporate culture and values. Ozmo, the indispensable playmate of children with its never-ending energy games, is a real prize with its intense chocolate Biscuit, cake Luppo loved by everyone in the family, Nutymax Cyprus Feast met with the people of the island with the difference.

Şölen leaves its mark with its difference

The crispy, light and natural Mediterranean flavor Greta from the oven, the Lokkum brand that comes from Turkish cuisine and leaves a mark on the palate with the difference of Şölen. Cyprus Feast met with his lovers. The bottom side is not a cake, but Boom Bastıc Bar, which appeals to both minds and palates with its name Bombastic taste fantastic, and Milango, which turns chocolate into a legend and feast, is delivered to its Cypriot fans.

Rooted Establishment of the Cyprus Business World

Şölen Cyprus distributor is run by the well-established organizations of the Cyprus business world. Şölen, which makes you love chocolate all over the world, is in all markets in Cyprus. Founded in 1983, the family business imports, wholesale and retail food. The companies that sell and distribute with their own logistics network, especially chain markets, grocery stores, schools and military canteens operating in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, continue to serve in the food supply and distribution sector. Being the leader of the sector in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with an experienced team, a quality service network, determination in every step and world-class understanding Cyprus Feast Its distributorship provides communication between customers and suppliers with its constantly developing marketing strategy.

Provides a Chocolate Feast in the Country

Knowing the needs and tastes of the people of Cyprus and bringing the Şölen brands they want, the distributor company continues to have a chocolate feast in the island country. The wholesale and retail sector, which has achieved firsts in Cyprus since its inception, has gained an important place in the fast moving consumer goods sector with the distributorship of Şölen chocolate. The company, which has a wide distribution area, continues its services in the Cyprus region with its strong staff, dynamic, reliable and fast service understanding. The company, which has set itself the goal of bringing quality, human and nature-friendly products to Cypriots, continues to prove itself with its experience and knowledge.

It touches the taste of the people of Cyprus

Providing service to its customers in a large area in the Cyprus region without sacrificing quality Cyprus Feast distributorship continues to improve its service area and quality policy. The company, which touches the taste of the people of Cyprus, remains the first company that comes to mind in the wholesale food sector. Since its inception, continued to pursue the development and changes taking firm distributor of the brand in Turkey continues with determination to bring the indispensable taste of Turkey Cypriots. In Cyprus, which is the most important island country in tourism, the company meets the expectations of not only Cypriots but also tourists, providing services at the point of promoting Turkish brands in the country.


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