Kıbrıs Pregel Dondurma

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Cyprus Pregel Ice Cream

Pragel ice cream, which originates in Italy, was introduced in 1967 by Dr. Together with Luciano Rabboni, he was introduced to the people of his wife's production. As a delicious industrial production, it reaches the present day as a story of commitment and passion. Cyprus pregel ice creamoffers options to support the storage, distribution and marketing of these delicious products prepared with ready-made gelato ingredients.

Cyprus Pregel Ice Cream Manufacturing  

Having expanded its field of activity by coming together with the gelato and pastry industry Cyprus Pregel ice cream art has created special storage areas to serve delicious ice creams to consumers with the same taste. The products that can be contaminated by the consumer without losing any of the product quality in the distribution and storage area appeal to a wide industrial area.

  • It is stored in cooler stores and packaged for distribution.
  • It is within the scope of domestic and international services in import and export services.
  • It is ensured that it is manufactured in hygienic conditions in accordance with the expectations of the industrial production area and in accordance with the world health organization.
  • They are products that come together with quality, taste and passion.
  • Studies centered on customer satisfaction, product quality and protection of product quality are carried out.

Cyprus Pregel Ice Cream Import  

Having wide storage and distribution channels in the field of import Cyprus pregel ice creamBy supporting the transition from the production area to the distribution area, it enabled the field of activity to be wide. It is important to keep the products according to the cold and temperature, to send them to a long distance and to distribute them in a regular and healthy way. By using barcode, labeling and product tracking system for each product, all factors important in the supply chain will be used without exception.

It is ensured that the product is prepared to appeal to the industrial production area without any change in quality, taste and freshness. The carefully prepared products are also kept in the storage area and presented to the consumer with a perfect distribution plan.

Cyprus Pregel Ice Cream Export  

Products produced using gelato raw materials are delicious and quality is compromised, ensuring that all preparations are perfect in terms of distribution and supply. With the flawless progress of the supply chain, the storage, distribution and product follow-up procedures will be carried out in the domestic and international areas without damaging the ice cream material. The production, storage and distribution area follows an important sequence that requires attention, and also comes together with follow-up and discipline.

With an experienced team and special storage areas Cyprus Pregel ice cream All the necessary procedures in the field of export are carried out, and the maintenance and distribution duties are fulfilled in the post-production phase thanks to a large team.

Cyprus Pregel Ice Cream Supply Chain  

In order for the supply chain to be formed, a storage, distribution and tracking system must be established according to the field of activity. Cyprus pregel ice cream The supply chain will begin to be distributed in a prepared manner, using cold storages and cold trucks. By developing its field of activity, it will provide all the service that will not disappoint the consumer and the customer, and will perform the necessary transactions in a short time. Within the scope of special production and distribution, it will be ready to fulfill its duty in terms of hygiene, cold storage and freshness required by the ice cream distribution area, and % 100 will provide safe service.

Cyprus Pregel Ice Cream Storage  

Keeping the ice cream in the storage area according to healthy consumption conditions, storage temperature and coolness are taken into consideration. 24/7 generator systems ensure uninterrupted cooling and safe storage of products. All services needed in the field of export and import are included in the supply chain, and all necessary transactions are carried out regularly in the post-production phase. Within the scope of Cyprus storage, distribution and supply chain services, all distribution and storage processes will be completed in a short time by providing a secure and insured service.

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